December 30

How to Stretch the Anterior Neck Platysmus


**Neck Stretch:**

This stretch targets the front of your neck, specifically the area known as the platysma. To ensure a safe and effective stretch, follow these steps:

1. **Body Alignment:**
Begin by envisioning a gentle upward pull from the top of your head, as if there's a string lifting you. This helps maintain proper alignment and prevents unnecessary strain on the neck.

2. **Hand Placement:**
Position your hands beneath the collarbones and press down gently. This serves as an anchor, stabilizing the upper body.

3. **Mouth Closure:**
Close your mouth and keep your teeth together. This action helps in maintaining a relaxed jaw and prevents unnecessary tension.

4. **Chin Lift:**
Lift your chin gradually towards the ceiling. Ensure the movement is slow and controlled, focusing on the stretch along the front of the neck.

5. **Head Tilt:**
Once your chin is lifted, gently tilt your head to the right, emphasizing the stretch on the left side of the neck.

*Modification for Intensity:*
For a deeper stretch, create an underbite by placing your bottom teeth underneath your top teeth. Maintain this position and repeat the same sequence.

6. **Repeat:**
Perform the entire sequence a few times, maintaining the awareness of the upward pull, hand anchoring, closed mouth, and controlled movements.

This stretch is particularly beneficial if you experience tightness in the back of your neck. It helps counteract the forward pull that can lead to compensatory movements backward. Explore these steps and share your experience with the stretch. Always prioritize comfort and listen to your body during the stretch.


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