Teaching, Mentoring & Coaching

Multiple options

As a life long learner I have multiple options to support you

One-on-one Mentorship

Are you a Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher or Entreprenur  looking needing support? I offer mentorship and coaching services related to business, yoga, yoga therapy, massage therapy, spirituality and entrepreneurship. My specialties include working with young women and empaths.

In person or online 

Online Classes/Courses 

 Coming Soon

-How to smudge

- Essential oils for immunity

-3 week challenge for anxiety and depression

 -Online meditation.


-women and maidens program 

-Group mentorship training 

and more...

One-on-one Coaching 

Stuck, confused, some thing needs to change? My coaching techniques uses somatics, eastern wisdom and spirituality to help you move forward. I meet you  where you are and share unique curiosity based processes and tools to excite and empower.

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