Therapeutic Services & Body Work

What Should I Book?

Depends on what you need! If it is your first time, a 120 minute initial session is required to get to know you and your needs. This will help us flush out what we can focus on for your next session.  See the tabs below to discover the variety of sessions I offer.

  • Intro Session

  • Curated Session

  • deep dive

  • Eastern Melt

  • Virtual

Intro Session

If you have not seen Mandi before an initial intake is the recommended appointment type. This session provides time for a full intake, assessment, and treatment.

120 Minutes

What is ?

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This therapy allows you to remain fully clothed and is often referred to as 'lazy mans yoga'. Thai works the energy lines known as sen lines, and gets into the joints, fascia, and muscle. Mandi has additional training in cupping, Gua sha ( graston or scraping), herbal boluses and Pregnancy .



Ayurveda uses custom oil blends and techniques to balance the doshas. Using ayurvedic principals, marma therapy massage and somatic massage is combined to address the 5 koshic layers. The Vayus, the Chakras and the Nadi.


RMT 2200 HRS

18 years traditional massage skills, with specializations in addressing issues surrounding sports injury, lymphatic, TMJ, and carpel tunnel. Concussion, raindrop, essential oil detox


Yoga Therapy

A body based coaching that uses the 8 limbs of yogic philosophy through tools like asana, breath, yamas/niyamas, breathwork, and meditation.


Energy Work

Subtle yet powerful work that impacts the chakras, energy bodies. Includes philosophies that embody the topics of shamanic, ancestral and emotional paths. Quantum touch, Chakra balancing. Stone people work, smudging, and sound clearing.


Somatic Touch

Somatic Experincing body based techniques

This work is gentle and profound, paired best with somatic work/ therapy.

Helps to release and connect to frozen, hyper stimulates or stored emotions. created ease and balance to the nervous system while releasing the fascia.


Additional Specilizations

The list of services could go on and on, but here are a few more worth mentioning;
Migraines protocol
Acute/chronic concussions
Basic fascial integration
Resiliency tool kit
How to make herbal medicine. Aromatherapy
Trauma informed client work.