Collaboration & Retreats

Mandi has hosted and co-hosted many circles, retreats, and classes. She has a diverse and fine-tuned skill set. From opening or closing ceremonies to customizes ceremonies to anchor life transitions,  or as an added benefit of ritual at a retreat, Mandi’s diverse skill set is fine tuned to compliment many occasions.


This can mean many things, but commonly refers to opening, closing, and cleansing  ceremonies.  Mandi also offers  land acknowledgements, coca ceremonies, card pulling, despacho,  group conflict clearing, fire rituals, and transition ceremonies


Mandi is a senior yoga instructor who teaches a multi- level yoga class.  Open up the class to include breath work or choose from a number of styles of mediation.  Massage can include  an ayurvedic style or thai self massage.


Choose from a number of workshop offerings including: Ayurvedic lifestyle workshop,

Ayurvedic lifestyle
Learn to smudge
Couples massage
Intro to pendulum
Seeing auras

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