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I was once asked what my super power was…my answer…CURIOSITY

-Mandi Mack


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The Story

What Sets Me Apart

I take the time to evaluate all layers of you  to determine the best entry point for success. Whats showing up in the Physical, How is your energy, what's going on for you emotionally, Are you breathing Is there chronic pain? where are you focusing right now what have you tried?   I seek to create a collaboration and create a team approach to your wellness. I specialize in stubborn and challenging cases: 

  • Start with the body.
  • Move into the nervous system.
  • Work with the subtle body, emotions and energy.
  • I share tools that address the Body, Energy, Emotions, Brain and Soul

    From lifestyle modifications, supplients diet, breath work, yoga, and richual work

    I am dedicated to empowering people to be the most strong connected, life lovers that they can be . This theme flows through all I do and particularly with the groups I lead.

    What Modalities/ Techniques do I have training in? 


    Traditional Thai Therapy/Massage (with 3 lineages) including Cupping and Gua Sha and pregnancy Thai, performed on the floor or table.


     I have a diploma in Eastern Therapies which includes Ayurvedic techniques, lifestyle, and body based therapies including Marma Therapy (Marma are gateways for the mind, body, and spirit). Karna Purna, Abyunga

    RMT 2200 hrs:

    My designations are RMT 2200 hrs, Graduated my original program in 2003. Training in Pregnancy, Sports, lymph drainage Relaxation, TMJ, with a focus on thoracic outlet, carpel tunnel, and whiplash.

    Yoga Therapy

    Yanumoja Yoga lineage, body based exploration and coaching using yogic principals to work with the physical body, emotional state, energetic capacity, mental capacity and soul. 

    Energy Work

    Quantum Touch, Cranial Sacral, Chakra clearing and balancing. Ancestral chord cutting, Sound clearing (Rattle, Sound bowl & smudging). Shamanic Ritual including release work, death rights, and lineage rights. Ceremonies from multiple traditions from around the world.

    Yoga Therapy:

     A body based coaching that uses the 8 limbs of yogic philosophy through tools like asana, breath, yamas/niyamas, breathwork, and meditation.

    Additional Training/Mentorship:

     Treating Migraines , Acute/ chronic Concussions, Fascial Integration, Resiliency tool kit, How to make herbal medicine. Aromatherapy, Trauma informed client work.


    Talk therapy only goes so far. I have trianed with multiple teachers and classes including Linda Thai, Diane pool Heller and somatic Experiencing institute for Somatic touch, and responding to acute trauma .

    Range from  traditional body work to Ayurveda, Thai, to Yoga Therapy, Energy Work and Shamanism.