December 30

Is your nervous system disregulated? Try this gentle sound technique.

**Vu Tone for Nervous System Support:**

A fantastic way to nurture your nervous system is through a practice known as Voo Tone. This unique form of chanting helps open up the back of your throat and stimulates the cranial nerves, facilitating the release of pent-up energy and promoting a sense of looseness throughout the body.

To embark on the Voo Tone journey, follow these steps:

1. **Preparation:**
Begin by taking a few gentle breaths in and out, allowing yourself to center and connect with your breath.

2. **Chanting Technique:**
Envision the deepest voice you can produce. On your exhale, initiate the chant with a resonant "Voo." It's like a gentle hum that reverberates within your chest.

3. **Deep Breathing:**
Take a nice, deep breath in before each chant, and exhale with the Voo sound. Feel the vibration within your chest, and observe how the sensation travels down, creating a sense of grounding.

4. **Gradual Deepening:**
As you continue, you may notice that the Voo Tone deepens with each repetition. This is a natural response as your vocal cords warm up and loosen. Allow this progression to unfold.

**Additional Benefit:**
The Voo Tone can be particularly beneficial if you experience tightness in your throat, perhaps during moments when you feel like crying or sense a lump in your throat. It serves as a powerful tool for releasing emotional tension.

**Try It Out:**
 I encourage you to give it a try on your own. With consistent practice, you may find this Voo Tone chanting to be a valuable addition to your self-care routine.

Explore the resonance, embrace the vibrations, and let the Voo Tone guide you towards a more harmonious state of being. Feel free to share your experiences with this practice.


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