I operate differently, I am a Catalyst.

Curiosity has me merging the latest in wellness, bio hacking, attachment, and somatics. With the tried and true found in ancient cultures and approaches  Blending eastern approaches with western science to create a new paradigm.

Amazing results through a unique blend of modalities

How I work

Step 1: Do you have a unique or complex case and are looking for a solution?

I have a skill for finding solutions to unique or complex cases. 

My official background is as an Eastern Therapist, Registered Massage Therapist, Yoga Therapist and Shaman. I combine these with additional trainings in Somatics and nervous system regulation techniques. Which provides my practice with the scope to focus on the intersection of trauma, with life.

 This gives me the tools to understand and connect dots where others cannot.

My approach prioritizes meeting you where you are at, then hones in on your physical, energetic, emotional, logical, and soul levels. This can be through a lens of coaching or mentoring, and is open to modalities with a blend of in-person or virtual sessions.  

Step 2: The introductory session

Your first session is 120 minutes, with at least 30 minutes dedicated to going over the answers from your intake form (for some people it's more). This process leads us to either create a custom blend of approaches, or focus on one modality in particular. 

Prior to your appointment, you will receive an email asking you to fill in a comprehensive intake form that will cover many areas (including, but not limited to, sleep, stress, and injuries), all of which are designed to help us hone in on what is going on for you physically, emotionally, and energetically. 

Step 3: Your first session

Once your session has started, we will go over your intake form and discuss what your goals are. We focus on what you have tried, what works, and what doesn't so we can start from a new place.

This first session is a deep dive, focused on getting to know you. As we cover the many areas from your intake, we will seek to discover any unique hidden layers that may be having an impact. I use a tactful approach to gently search for previously undiscovered connections.  Together we will collaborate on what is needed to move you forward, working within your own level of comfort, to provide a taste of what might be possible.

 If we meet in person, you will go home with a custom blend of oils chosen specifically with you in the session.

Step 4 : After your first session

You will receive an email outlining customised aftercare that could include everything from contemplations, stretches, and meditation to journaling, breathwork, ceremony and supplements. I will also provide you with recommendations for your next session at this phase. All information will remain available for you on your own online patient portal. 

Step 5 : Subsequent sessions

As we move forward into subsequent sessions, we will work to cover 10 areas in a 10 -15 minute time frame to help guide how our time will be spent. The ball is always in your court . Somtimes what is needed on any given day is different than the day you booked in.  The sessions are meant to be flexible, so we can change directives to suit what your needs might be, or whats coming up on any given day. The time is yours and we  will always be collaborative and creative with the each session.

  At the begining of every session we will cover the same 10 questions these include: 

1. Body: Areas of concern/duration /relieving & aggravating factors.

2. Stress level / duration /end

3. Sleep : Hours/issues/rested

4. Digestion/Elimination/cravings

5. Energy

6. Oil preferences

7. Last session: what didn't / did work /aftercare

8. Any areas/techniques to avoid

9. Any specific technique requests/ cleansing or smudging

10. Intention 

Here are some testimonials


"Mandi is wildly authentic and warmly kind in her practice. Her intuitive touch and technique are powerful healing remedies that have supported my own healing in many ways. Thank you for all of the work you do Mandi!"

Nattalia K. Walkker - Doula/Numa Somatics facilitator

"Mandi is well trained and has a high level of integrity. She cares deeply about her work and her clients. Mandi is passionate about life and is always learning new skills."

"Mandi is a very talented bodyworker with a mindful way of interacting with people as she supports them in working through whatever it is that is present for them that creates an energetic blockage in the mind and body. "

Satiya Channer - Yoga Therapist-Village Heart Yoga

"Mandi is very skilled, intuitive and compassionate."

Don Wensrich - Registered Acupuncturist

Each session is intentional, allowing for a creative blend of timing, tools and techniques for your nervous system to co-regulate. Each session follows a feminine, intuitive model that combines curiosity, with coaching.

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