December 30

Scalene Stretch



Do you get tension headaches? this might be the cause.

Let's focus on a stretch that targets the scalene muscles located at the front of your neck, connecting into your spine. This stretch is particularly effective for relieving tension in this area.

1. **Identify the Side:**
Start by choosing the side you want to work on. For this demonstration, we'll focus on the right side.

2. **Arm Position:**
Extend your right arm sideways with your fingers pointing towards the ceiling. Stand with your feet comfortably apart.

3. **Neck Tilt:**
Tilt your head to the right, bringing your right ear towards your right shoulder. You should feel a gentle stretch along the front of your neck.

4. **Arm Descent:**
Slowly lower your right arm towards your hip while maintaining the head tilt. This will enhance the stretch along the scalene muscles.

5. **Repeat:**
Perform this sequence a few times, ensuring a smooth and controlled motion.

*Modification 1:*
While keeping your ear towards the shoulder, lift your nose towards the ceiling. This variation intensifies the stretch, focusing on a slightly different angle.

*Modification 2:*
Now, turn your head in the opposite direction, bringing your nose down and lifting your arm with fingers pointing up. Again, slowly lower the arm towards the hip, maintaining the stretch.

6. **Repeat on the Other Side:**
After completing the sequence on the right side, switch to the left side and repeat the entire process.

This stretch promotes flexibility and helps alleviate tension in the front neck area. Remember to perform each movement with control and listen to your body's response. here...


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