My Philosophy

What sets me apart: I believe we all need a team to support us and the sum of all our parts makes us whole, if any of those parts are not functioning optimally they have a domino effect in all areas. All parts of you work interconnectedly. the parts of you, the parts of the world, society. I am like a wellness concierge, introducing you to the parts of your self and connecting you to solutions you didn’t know exist, which included modalities and practitioners out side of my skill set.

We might not be a fit :

If you are only looking for massage, believe deep tissue is the only way to relieve tight muscles or have not explored other alternatives. if you identify as believing life is black and white or you are not open to new ideas, paradigms, or growth.

We might be a fit :

If you are curious, innately, or because life and health have forced you to be or you have worked with many practitioners, and haven’t quite found it. You consider yourself a seeker and have tried many things, Yoga, and the spiritual path, and are growth orientated, have lived a life, and want to find a team member to collaborate with to dig out find your blind spots and work to powerfully shift them. You are a late-diagnosed neurodivergent, HSP, Empath, or trauma survivor. You have struggled with depression and anxiety.

Mandi is an RMT with 21 years of experience specializing in complex cases. Using a unique blend of Eastern therapies including Ayurveda, Traditional Thai, and Yoga Therapy. She combines these with a trauma-sensitive approach and a focus on nervous system regulation.

In addition, she is a passionate Mutlipotentialite, Entrepreneur, Curious Rebel, Spiritual Adventurer, Transformation Leader, Shamanic practitioner, and the creator of Vedic Smudge.

Her mission is to inspire curiosity in the world. Through embodied experimental exploration with a focus on ceremony, ritual, indigenous practices, alternative healing /health, massage, yoga, spirituality, meditation, mystic and esoteric explorations. She also teaches and hosts women’s groups, retreats, and more.

She has studied with many elders and lineages. Of whom the gratitude cannot be expressed through words alone. And with a deep humbleness wants to recognize and thank the treaty 7 land on which she now resides. To the wisdom of the Dene, Metis, Mi’gma, Blackfoot, Deer tribe, Kahuna, Q’uero. To Nikki Manzie, Emile Gautreau and Louise Goodwin, Kahuna of Hawaii, and many other incredible elders outside of these lineages. She also has the honor of being a Mesa carrier in the Q’uero tradition. And been blessed to be invited to participate in many indigenous ceremonies, funerals, and sweats. With each session, she brings the intention of ceremony and ritual. She is a seeker. Masicho, Terima Kasih, Thank You

Here designations are RMT 2200 hrs, Ayurvedic Marma-Therapist (marma are gateways for the mind, body, and spirit) trained in Tongue and Pulse diagnosis, Traditional Thai Therapist and Massage Practitioner including Cupping and Scraping, 3 lineages of Thai, Pregnancy/ fertility massage, Plant Spirit Medicine, Eryt-200 Yoga Instructor and Yoga Therapist (C-IYTA), Sports Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Quantum-Touch.  Post Concussion support Trauma-informed yoga and many more.