What to do when you hurt your brain. Concussion Support 

 March 2, 2024

By  Mandi

Key points in concussion recovery are

1. Supporting the nervous systems to notch down

2. Increasing BDNF, is like a miracle grow for neurons which helps the brain recovers

3. Decreasing inflammation

Rest as much as possible sleep, gentle meditations, and slow gentle walks are key! Anything that adds stress increases the nervous system which in turn increases inflammation,  and increases blood flow to the limbs and away from the brain.

Nervous system support.

  1. Face hold: place the palm of your hand against the side of your face, gently tilt your head to rest in your hand. If you want you can  Support your arm on a table or with your other hand or you can place the opposite hand on your heart. Scan your body and watch for a sigh, a bigger breath, gurgling, tired eyes, fart, burp, or yawn. Experiment with each side and so this at least 3x a Day
  2. Turn your hands so your palms face you, cross so the thumbs are intertwined or touching then place the palms of your hands on your chest, each hand should be on the opposite side of the body.  Then scan and watch the body for any subtle shifts like the above. Experiment with both of these and use them multiple times a day to down-regulate the systems.


Increase your protein intake for the month.

Higher protein: 1 gram of protein to kg of body weight If you do a veggie protein powder find one with branch chain amino acids  and add creatine(

(this is will ensure you have the proper amino acids to rebuild the damaged area)

Omega oils: EPA/DHA. DHA Increases BDNF and EPA decreases inflammation

4000 mg of oil per day for 1-month post concussion, depending on the source the ratio will be different DHA as a higher ratio is the best choice as it is needed to regrow the damaged neurons.  You can then decrease the dose down to 2000-3000 for 3 months after that.

Vitamin D 4000 per day Increases BDNF ( decreased amounts of vit d prior to concussion have been shown to slow recovery and having regular levels prior has a neuroprotective effect)

To decrease inflammation Rhodiola extract and turmeric are the best ( follow the dosing on the labels)

if you have turmeric in food form you need to include pepper and or fats( it increases efficacy 10,000x) or you can take curcumin in pill form,

Zinc and magnesium levels Drop after a concussion so it is important to supplement with both these:

Zinc: 40 mg often a sign of low zinc following a concussion is low/down mood.

Magnesium: up to 600 mg

Magnesium helps support the production of serotonin, relaxes the nervous system, decreases inflammation, and is necessary for neuron regrowth.

And I add to that list a probiotic particularly strains that specifically support serotonin production ( l casei),  it is often used up very quickly and the body doesn't make enough due to the stress response / nervous system impact on the gut to allow the brain to utilize it.

High-dose NAC 500 up to 4g have been studied in soldiers within the first 24 hours and continued for 7 days have an 86 % reduction in symptoms and a better recovery long term

Another newer method that is shown to be very helpful in recovery is

Glutathione liposomal or IV drip

or you can increasing the building blocks  so your body can make it's own: NAC/ Vit C B3, broccoli extract, and selenium

All these target, focus, and support inflammation of the nervous system and muscles for recovery.  And have proven to create a more efficient recovery.

You do not need to utilize all these methods.

If I were to choose only a few to get started it would be omega oils, magnesium, vit d, and increasing your protein intake. If possible add in the Rhodiola and Tumeric


Nuero-optimal or lens neurofeedback to passively supports both the nervous system and neuron development.

Massage or Osteo : release the hyoid, diaphragm, and neck, help reduce any scar tissue, and increase blood flow to the injured area once it's healed. Release the dura and any trigger points in the scalp that developed as a part of the healing process. And to prevent any long-term headaches. Or compensations patterns in the body.



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