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Tools for anger

Weekly practice: How to release Anger from your heart, soul, and body. This is a deep practice. Anger is often shamed, repressed, and shown in the most heinous of ways or projected outward ( road rage anyone) and the truth is we are rarely shown a tool or technique to feel, process, or release our […]

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Covid Closure: Dec 12 2020

Hello, Beautiful souls If you haven’t already heard, as of Sunday night, my practice will be closed for the year. Following the new Covid Guidelines I have extended my evenings this week, to support a few more of you! It will all be a First Come First Serve Basis. Please hop online and Book Now  I do have my […]

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Questions to Ponder for fall


Hello beautiful people, are you ready for fall? In Ayurveda, we observe the changing of the seasons as outward examples of what is changing in our own lives because of this, fall can be a generous teacher with many tools for insight. In North America, one of the many lessons it is demonstrating is the shifting of focus. […]

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VPK : A Journaling Practice for Ease

VPK : journaling   Whats needed: -Note book or note app preferably with hand writing option -Writing utensil – Time ( can vary from 5 -50 or more minutes)   Short form Before bed write out your valleys/peaks /kindnesses Valleys: low points Peaks : better than low points to highlights Kindness: the ways you’ve been kind to […]

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Try this breath hack to help fight anxiety

breath hack for anxiety

Breath Hack: Learn this simple technique to help fight anxiety Breath is vital. Your breath can be a powerful determinant of your physical and emotional state of being. In my practice I often emphasize breathwork during treatment. I find that with my clients, it can help them achieve a greater sense of awareness of what […]

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Food Meditation Guide- Eating for Intuition

Food Meditation Guide-Eating for Intuition   Consider how you can use eating as a new tool for connecting to your intuition. Consider that your body’s cravings are a message for you to be interpreted.  Give yourself permission to imagine what it might look like to ‘give in’ to cravings and explore them in a conscious […]

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Quest for a New Location : September 2019

Changes are upon us… again! The office I’ve been practicing out of for the last year is shifting focus. Which means I am searching for a new location as of September 1, 2019 So I would absolutely love your help in finding a new incredible space: What I’m looking for is: -A room to rent or available space in a Clinic, Spa […]

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