Tools for anger 

 December 22, 2020

By  Mandi

Weekly practice: How to release Anger from your heart, soul, and body.

This is a deep practice. Anger is often shamed, repressed, and shown in the most heinous of ways or projected outward ( road rage anyone) and the truth is we are rarely shown a tool or technique to feel, process, or release our anger.

Commit to experimenting. Start by setting aside time once a week or more. Starting small with 1 minute and gradually work your way up to 7 minutes ( science says the longest we can feel 1 emotion is 7 minutes so if you are afraid there is a bottomless pit have no fear, it will only continue if you open up to processing more than one). Once you have cracked the seal, don’t be surprised if you need to do it more frequently to clear out some of the old stuff. You may also discover there are more emotions than anger underneath, so crying and laughing can sometimes be a companion to anger releasing.

1. Pillow punching or pillow fighting with your bed or couch
2. Screaming /yelling: ‘I’m so angry”…, ‘I hate…’, ” this isn’t fair, ” this effed up” this can be done alone in a car or at a tree ( say thank you after).
3. Put on angry or aggressive music and thrash around move all parts of your body. Be wild and creative

4. Break a big block of ice on the ground , keep picking it up and throwing it down , until your finished or it melts : wear protective eye wear.

5. take a towel and twist it up and keep twisting as you feel into your feeling

My personal fave:

6. Have an epic tantrum: set a timer for 1 minute to start (it’s surprisingly exhausting)
Then lay down on your back in bed or on a carpeted floor with your knees bent and feet on the ground. have a pillow in each of your hands.
Then bring to mind the anger you feel towards a current situation or past situation. Feel It in your body, let it grow and stomp your feet and bang the pillows.  Make noise.

Imagine the anger being burned up and released by your muscles.
Anger can be stored as depression.
Anger can lock into our bodies and cause exhaustion, lethargy. These are tools of releasing.

Tip: Make sure your house is empty so you have the freedom to let loose. Or warn everyone.

This will feel silly at first. Keep with it, by doing this practice you will begin to release new and old anger and eventually create space. It can be weird and you may feel self-conscious at first. Remember this is like riding a bike. you are gonna wobble and fall a few times. Know each time is a step closer and that a sign of success is that you are willing to feel it and channel it.  

Anger is an ally: it lets us know when something is not right.
Anger needs to moved out of the body through more than thinking.

Much Love 


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