VPK : A Journaling Practice for Ease 

 March 30, 2020

By  Mandi Mack


Whats needed:
-Note book or note app preferably with hand writing option
-Writing utensil
– Time ( can vary from 5 -50 or more minutes)

Short form
Before bed write out your valleys/peaks /kindnesses
Valleys: low points
Peaks : better than low points to highlights
Kindness: the ways you’ve been kind to yourself and others and the ways others have been kind to you or others.
P: Peak
K : Kindness
This is an end of day journal exercise.  A way to unwind and unpack.  It is best suited for hand writing vs
as its a hack to access the concious and subconscious. And you can use your phone as well.
The practice is to be completely open and non-judgemental. To write as if no one would ever set eyes on it, to give  yourself permission to let it flow out of you.  Its a practice for being present and honest about your perspective today. It gives you the opportunity to get real about your day to day life. And feel into it.
 We can easily get caught up in being overly positive, or forcing a half full perspective.
And often we forget, were never taught or realize that it is equally important and maybe even more valuable to awknowledge the challenging times. The hard moments and to have a process to move trough and on . So I created this tool as a resource. The key is to write until your empty for each section. It may be 10 second or 10 minutes.

Grab a piece of paper and follow the instructions below. Your going to write mining from your day for all three catagories below. When we start this practice one or more may stand out as challenging, if so pat your self on the back youve found an edge of growth, then get silly and find one or even make one up. The practice is to begin to recognize this is the begging and like building muscles need practice . Give yourself grace . There is no right or wrong 

The Practice

1. Valley: What are the valleys, or the low points in your day , the challenges, the hard parts, the times you wished it was different, when you felt poweless, the times it was crappy. Write them all down. There is no valley to small 🙂 Know this may bring up some feelings this is not a time for bliss-washing. Be real explore half empty and allow your self to feel. Knowing we are going to shift out of it shortly within this exercise.
2. Peaks : What were the peaks or high points in the day , the positive, the better or the best parts of your day.  These can vary from I got out of bed, I got dressed. I opened my eyes. To the sun was shining, I accomplished this goal.  I really enjoyed that youtube video of puppies. Dig deep if you need to some days this will be the hardest part.
3. Kindness:  This has two sections internal and external.
a) Internal: How have you been kind to yourself today ?
This is the most important . If you are short on time. Make this section your priority.
We want to get real. We can be our own biggest enemy.  We will push , and prod and beat ourselves up. Question your self talk . A practice I love is to ask yourself if you repeated what you said, to a small child would it be considered cruel or abusive?
What you want to do is notice the ways you are kind, and celebrate.
What have you done for yourself , that if done for another they would say thank you ?
What ways have you supported yourself?
Where have you given yourself grace and gentle ness  (where in the past would you have been likely been an asshole) but today choose differently?
B) How have you been kind to others?
How have others been kind to you?
How have others been kind to you?
Did someone open a door?
Did they reach out?
Did someone smile at you?
And that’s it. A  great way to complete your day
Try it out and comment below what do you notice after trying out this practice.

Mandi Mack

Mandi is an RMT with 20 years of experience specializing in complex cases. Using a unique blend of Eastern therapies including Ayurveda, Traditional Thai, and Yoga Therapy. She combines these with a trauma-sensitive approach blending nervous system regulation tools into every session.

She catalyzes change at the intersection of trauma somatic, eastern, ritual, and western medicine by working in groups and one-on-one with people to regulate their nervous systems and find their personal truth. The scope of my practice bridges body, energy, mind, emotions, and soul work.

Senior RMT, Somatic Informed Trauma Therapist, Yoga Therapist, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner, Thai Therapist, Coach, Mentor, and Guide

In addition, she is a passionate Mutlipotentialite, Entrepreneur, Curious Rebel, Spiritual Adventurer, Transformation Leader, Shamanic practitioner, and the creator of Vedic Smudge.

Her mission is to inspire curiosity in the world. Through embodied experimental exploration with a focus on the ceremony, ritual, indigenous practices, alternative healing /health, massage, yoga, spirituality, meditation, and mystic and esoteric explorations. She also teaches and hosts retreats, and more.

Mandi Mack

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