November 20

Arm and Leg hugs

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How to do Arm hug and Leg Hug: Arm hug and Leg Hug is a simple tool that can help you feel more grounded and connected to your body. Here's how to do it:

  1. For Arm hug: Start by standing or sitting comfortably with your arms at your sides. Take your hands and place them on your shoulders. You want to press mainly with the palm of your hand, not the fingers. Gently hug your arms as you move down from top to bottom. Repeat on the other arm.

  2. For Leg Hug: Sometimes, we need more of the sensation in our legs. For this, you can actually do the same thing with your legs themselves. Start up in your thigh using both your hands to hug all the way down to your ankles and back up again. Repeat on both legs, creating compression all of the way down and back up.

  3. Repeat: You can repeat these exercises as often as you like. Take your time and be gentle with yourself as you go through the motions. The goal is to feel more connected to your body and to create a sense of calm and groundedness.


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