Neck Issues? Try this Nervous System Hack 

 November 20, 2023

By  Mandi

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How to Practice the Nine and Three Occipital Hold Technique: for Neck Decompression

In this video, we'll explore a technique called "three and nine" that can help your nervous system decompress. If you tend to hold your tension and stress in your neck, this practice can be especially helpful. You can do this practice lying down, standing, or seated – it's up to you.

To start, turn your head to the left and right and notice your range of motion and how your neck feels. Then, turn your head to the left and right (or vice versa) again and pay attention to any sensations you feel.

Next, we're going to track our eyes to three o'clock and nine o'clock while keeping our head completely straight. To do this, turn your eyes all the way to one side and then all the way to the other. Pay attention to any sensations that arise as you move your eyes. Your nervous system may respond with a deep inhale, relaxation, and an exhale. You may also notice your shoulders, neck, jaw, and eyes relaxing. Your digestion might even start making sounds, and you may notice a change in temperature.

Then, place your hands at the base of your skull, with your fingers curled like a support. Find a comfortable spot and notice any discomfort. Combine the eye movement with this hand position. Turn your eyes to the left or right, and notice how your body responds. Take a deep inhale, and as you notice a shift in your body, move to the opposite side. Do this twice on each side, and notice any differences in the signals your nervous system gives you with each look. You may feel your shoulders drop down, for example.

Finally, bring your hands down and check your range of motion again. You may find that your neck feels more relaxed and mobile.

In conclusion, practicing the three and nine technique can help you release tension in your neck and decompress your nervous system. Whether you're lying down, standing, or seated, you can incorporate this technique into your daily routine to help you feel more relaxed and at ease.


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