Wall Press/ Hand Press: Anger how to be with it 

 November 6, 2023

By  Mandi

Unlocking the Power of the Wall Push: Channeling and Managing Anger

In this guide, we'll explore an effective technique to help you manage and release anger. Whether you're feeling frustrated or simply looking for a constructive way to release pent-up emotions, the wall push is a fantastic method. You can perform it using various sturdy surfaces like a counter, desk, tree, or fence, but we'll focus on the wall, which is the simplest option.

To get started, ensure you choose a solid surface that can withstand your push. Here's how to perform the wall push:

  1. Stance and Preparation: Begin by positioning your legs with one foot in front of the other. Bend down slightly, pressing into your knees to engage your quadriceps. Pull your belly button toward your spine to maintain a strong posture.

  2. Pushing Motion: Reach out and press into the wall. Utilize the strength from your legs and transfer it into your arms as you push with maximum effort. Feel your entire body working together to channel the energy of your anger.

  3. Breathing: Take a deep breath as you push against the wall. Adjust the positioning of your feet, and push again. Continue this sequence as long as it feels comfortable, gradually increasing the intensity. Play with adding sound to your exhale lettung out a "aahhh" or "Eerrrrrr' or maybe a deep growl.

This exercise allows you to let the sounds of anger flow through your body, providing a healthy outlet for these powerful emotions. Anger can often be overwhelming, but by growling, groaning, and pushing as hard as you can, you release and utilize that energy effectively. Remember to emphasize flexing your quad muscles and engaging your entire body rather than solely relying on your hands and arms.

If you don't have a suitable surface to push against, an alternative method is to push against your own hands as forcefully as possible. Some people may find this uncomfortable, so another option is to pull with maximum strength.

Give the wall push a try and experience a transformative way to manage and release your anger while maintaining your physical and emotional well-being.


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