Happy Spring: We are open, and I have updated offerings. 

 June 8, 2021

By  Mandi

I have received a few inquiries and wanted to let you know I am open for bookings and the schedule issues have been resolved ( thank you to those of you that let me know), you can book right up until Christmas now for all of you keen to get things set up for the rest of the year

Masks are needed to be worn while in the office, even if you have an immunization.

If you’ve been on my booking page recently you will have noticed a few changes:

I have brought back the Eastern Melt Series: This is a treatment I created when I first moved to Calgary. I noticed how many people were stuck in their heads, stressed out, and totally disconnected from their bodies. Often suffering from insomnia and digestive issues. These treatments combine Ayurvedic marma points, Thai lines, visualization, breathwork, and a custom blend of essential oil. These sessions are meant to help you melt away stress. Secondly, after analyzing my bookings I realized the vast majority book either a“Combo” or “Unlimited Treatments”. In an effort to continue to refine the booking page while making room for new and exciting offerings I have decided to remove the “Focus” section completely. If there is any concern that cost is a barrier please reach out, I do not want anyone to feel as though they cannot receive support at this time.

New Offerings
I have added new session blends that layer in ritual with a specific approach for female-identified people these sessions are all 90 minutes:

Moon time/ Red tent: 
Moon time: This is a sacred time where both brain hemispheres are firing, the body is more sensitive. Consider this your mini red tent; to honor and pamper the goddess within. A combination of Ayurveda, massage, and energy work with a specific blend of oils to support hormones and emotions. Can includes abdominal work. Great for all ages as part of deep feminine reverence.

Fertility: Help prepare the body for pregnancy/ IVF. We work together to support and create a receptive and relaxed body. With a combination of opening the hips through Thai style massage, in addition to unwinding the uterus/abdomen/ jaw. We work to incorporate ritual to support the bodies stress response ( these sessions can be combined with TCM Dr.Erin’s approach we been a very successful combination for many through their pregnancy journey)

Pregnancy Support: through the entire process helps the body adjust to shifting and changes, and prepare, can be shifted to stimulate induction once the due date has passed. Can include: A gentle protocol to prepares the pelvis and hips to open for birth and delivery, also with supporting shoulder strengthening and relaxing to prepare for feeding and holding.

Post Natal: These are 30/60 minutes Often the Shoulders are holding so much. The body is adjusting to new sleep patterns, feeding, after having gone through a massive transition and a physical marathon! This treatment will include a blend of Thai shoulder work to correct any holding patterns in the fascia, there will be an option to have abdominal work, to support organ movement or c sections healing. Includes marma, Ayurvedic energy points to help emotionally process and honor this new phase of life.

Greif: Often the process of grief is intertwined with being female. This session includes conversation, attunement, and safety before a gentle physical session that includes breath guidance, specific oils, and sound/ music therapy. To support the process of allowing and releasing grief. Processing grief integration release: The body, lifeforce, emotions, mind, and soul are like nesting dolls. This treatment works on all levels This session is available for no-female identified people.
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