December 5

Sacred Womens Circle – Series 1


We are excited to be hosting a fall Sacred Womens Circle Series 1 this spring

Here is what some of our past members have said:

I felt safe. I had a sense of belonging and connection to the group -Cindy Z

I’d recommend this group to my girlfriends who want to experience unity and support from other women – Laura S 

Sacred Women’s Circle Series 1

Do you feel called to connect with other like minded women and explore personal growth and transformation?  A safe space where women can come together to fully support and uplift each other through experiences. A place to discuss spirituality and what it means to connect as a community. We want to assist you in developing daily spiritual practice for yourself; whether it is movement, meditation, yoga, breathing, chanting,etc and have fun doing it. Being a part of a women’s group is very powerful and is a great place to explore more about yourself. If you feel the calling to attend, trust your intuition and honor this. All you have to do is show up with an open heart and open mind.

I loved everything, it was comfortable, there was no judgement and it wasn’t talk therapy- Jan B

We will explore:
• Meditation
• Chanting
• Movement
• Breath and Sound
• Yoga
• Auras
• Chakras
• Energy techniques
• Space clearing

Facilitated by Corie Dawson and Mandi Mack

Wednesday Nights 7:00-9:00 pm
March 29-May 3 2017


What I liked best was the encouragement and support, the whole course was fun -Tracey M



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