Quest for a New Location : September 2019 

 August 6, 2019

By  Mandi Mack

Changes are upon us… again!

The office I’ve been practicing out of for the last year is shifting focus.
Which means I am searching for a new location as of September 1, 2019

So I would absolutely love your help in finding a new incredible space:

What I’m looking for is:

-A room to rent or available space in a Clinic, Spa or Shared /Co-working space
-With availability Tues/Wed & Fri /Saturday to keep with my current schedule.
-In a central location. Preferably in the Northwest
-Where I can use essential oils
-With Free & convenient parking
-In an Inspired, Peaceful and Beautiful space
-Free Wifi
-Kind people
-Preference: Natural light, Kitchen area, filtered water
* this or something more!

What I bring:

-A full practice
-Over 16 years of experience
-A range of services from the physical body based sport or recovery massage to the more subtle energetic and emotional work.
-A broad scope of practice: Massage Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda, Thai, and Shamanism and more
-16 years of continuing education
– A sincere and passionate drive
– A deep and curious approach to healing

Thank you for your support!

Because sharing is caring and referrals are gold anyone who directly helps find my next space will be rewarded with 5 free 60 min treatments!
Please spread the word and forward to anyone you might know!!

I will be available this month for client work!!


If you have any questions please email me: info@mandimack.com or call 403.608.9576
Thank you so much for your support during this transition.

Much love!

~Transitions can be doorways to Unknown Adventures~

Mandi Mack

Mandi is an RMT with 20 years of experience specializing in complex cases. Using a unique blend of Eastern therapies including Ayurveda, Traditional Thai, and Yoga Therapy. She combines these with a trauma-sensitive approach blending nervous system regulation tools into every session.

She catalyzes change at the intersection of trauma somatic, eastern, ritual, and western medicine by working in groups and one-on-one with people to regulate their nervous systems and find their personal truth. The scope of my practice bridges body, energy, mind, emotions, and soul work.

Senior RMT, Somatic Informed Trauma Therapist, Yoga Therapist, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner, Thai Therapist, Coach, Mentor, and Guide

In addition, she is a passionate Mutlipotentialite, Entrepreneur, Curious Rebel, Spiritual Adventurer, Transformation Leader, Shamanic practitioner, and the creator of Vedic Smudge.

Her mission is to inspire curiosity in the world. Through embodied experimental exploration with a focus on the ceremony, ritual, indigenous practices, alternative healing /health, massage, yoga, spirituality, meditation, and mystic and esoteric explorations. She also teaches and hosts retreats, and more.

Mandi Mack

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