September : New location West Hillhurst 

 September 5, 2018

By  Mandi Mack

Happy September!

I’m excited to announce I’ve found a great new practice space!
I’ll be offering one-on-one sessions for Massage, Ayurveda, Traditional Thai Therapy, Yoga therapy, energy work, chakra balancing, and more!

Located in NW Calgary near @dairylane_yyc and @madebymarcus on 19 st. I’ll be available: Tuesday, Wed and Saturday with a few Fridays added in!

It’s been an adventure. This last month, grief, completions, and new beginnings… and more new beginnings, opening up shop, setting up booking systems, emails lists, communicating with as many clients as possible, searching for locations, viewing locations, finding a location, then shifting locations. And most importantly discovering what questions to ask by learning from mistakes. Gifting myself grace and space for the process.

What do I mean you might ask?

After my clinic closed unexpectedly, I wanted to make sure I had my clients taken care of so dug in and focused on finding a great space to work. My process always includes creating lists, soo this list of questions were: easy parking, quiet, wifi, good size, ease of access, high vibe, natural light, washroom access, safe neighborhood. And forgot to ask one very important question, if I could use essential oils. Which a big part of my practice, I use plant essence and spirit to collaborate in almost all my sessions from sports massage to energy work. I even created a custom ayurvedic smudge blend (coming soon) and am known for making custom blends for clients to take home. And somehow found my self in a location where it wasn’t possible. I had a choice, what I learned is this:

assumptions are discovered on the other side of humility

For me, it took a moment of honesty, reflection, and vulnerability to see what I thought was a given and own that juicy assumption. To allow me to feel into the feels, and then choose how to move forward.

So I danced, I played with shifting my practice, with multiple locations, with creative alternatives and then decided it was imperative to my offering, my joy and the multi-dimensional layers of what I offer. So I continued to search for a new location with this new question added in.

And I found one, and there may be another location in the future!!

So stay tuned!

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Mandi Mack

Mandi is an RMT with 20 years of experience specializing in complex cases. Using a unique blend of Eastern therapies including Ayurveda, Traditional Thai, and Yoga Therapy. She combines these with a trauma-sensitive approach blending nervous system regulation tools into every session.

She catalyzes change at the intersection of trauma somatic, eastern, ritual, and western medicine by working in groups and one-on-one with people to regulate their nervous systems and find their personal truth. The scope of my practice bridges body, energy, mind, emotions, and soul work.

Senior RMT, Somatic Informed Trauma Therapist, Yoga Therapist, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner, Thai Therapist, Coach, Mentor, and Guide

In addition, she is a passionate Mutlipotentialite, Entrepreneur, Curious Rebel, Spiritual Adventurer, Transformation Leader, Shamanic practitioner, and the creator of Vedic Smudge.

Her mission is to inspire curiosity in the world. Through embodied experimental exploration with a focus on the ceremony, ritual, indigenous practices, alternative healing /health, massage, yoga, spirituality, meditation, and mystic and esoteric explorations. She also teaches and hosts retreats, and more.

Mandi Mack

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