Spring Updates 

 June 2, 2023

By  Mandi

Hello Beautiful Souls,

Below are the latest updates via video, let me know what you think

Please note, I’ve been challenged with allergies this spring, so a heads up you will hear me clearing my throat a bit in the video!

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Vedic Smudge Sale: 15% discount on all purchases in office as we turn over batches. Applies to single sprays and bundles. If you would like me to put some aside reply to this email.  see more here:  www.Vedicsmudge.com

Summer FUN

Please note that I will be breaking up my month off between JULY and AUGUST this year. I am taking the first few weeks off in July to explore Montreal and Quebec City, please send any recommendations or hidden gems (I love food, hole in the walls and unique experinces) and a couple weeks in August to spend time with family.

Warm regards,


This Seasons Reflection

Spring has been a doozy!! We have had some of the most intense solar storms in years, have you seen the Aurora Borealis?! They have been beautiful and wild!! in addition to the different solar events, I have observed many big shifts and changes in people’s perspectives, relationships and lives. Its almost as if there has been a reset in what we use to know, we were settling for, or thought we wanted. In addition the immune system seesm to getting tested in new ways.

Spring is a time for clearing the garden and planting new seeds both literally and figuratively. It is a time when if we rested through winter, we are waking up with a renewed sense of energy ready to grow and blossom.

I am curious what seeds are you intentionally planting? My focus this spring is on weeding out the energy or areas that are energetically draining, or heavy parts, letting go of items i no longer need in my home, along with old systems, and beliefs that need to be upgraded. I am really feeling into the winds of change and thus I am creating a sense of freedom and excitement in a new way.

Somatic Tools: Videos

The Physiological Sigh: This is a Breath technique we use In Yoga therapy that has recently been trending!  Science has evolved too measure HRV, and other metrics to measure the bodies response, to what the ancient yogis discovered thousands of years ago!: It allows the body to release excess C02 which results in a relaxation response in the nervous system: Click HERE to try it out.

Exciting Updates

HEALY ENERGY: I’ve been using this really neat device for a while if your interested to learn more click HERE or feel free to ask me about it .

THE FUTURE : I need your help! if you have 5 minutes , could you fill out this SURVEY for me?  I want to pass on wisdom, business buindling processes and info, and knowledge to the next generation of RMT’s, Yoga therapist , Energy practioners, yoga teachers and shamans. I would love your input what might be needed as new skills or crosstraining for therapists? When  you fill it out send me a message on email, text or social media and I will put your name in a draw for a FREE 90 minutes session!

RETREATS: I want to take you guys on an adventure with me!  Should we go to Riviera Maya, Tulum, or Bali? or all of the above, if your interested in joining give me I would love some feedback so we can co-create the most amazing retreat possible.

Where do you want to go? click HERE to fill out the survey

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