Hello from Bali & Resources in yyc while I’m away 

 January 15, 2020

By  Mandi


Bali : Balian Beach

Hello from Bali

I wanted to send out a quick email to share a few resources availible in yyc while I’m away.

Massage and Yoga Therapy:
Stefani Wilton Hoyt: a beautiful kind soul who is availible in her home studio in Lakeview ( some of you saw me here in September while the new slace was in the works).
She is availible : Wed and Fridays from 9am-2 pm she can be reached by phone:
Call or text to set up an appointment: +1 587-500-2848 or https://www.mandorlayoga.com/massage-therapy.html

Osteopathy and Massage:
Zarko Svetanov my colleague in wellness at the new location. He is passionate about the body allignment and can gentle help with a vast array of techniques: including : cranial, viceral and a gentle way to create alligment with your bones and joints.
He is availible Monday-Friday book online:

Chiro :
Dr Carsen and collegues @ chinook Chiro
Is a Life long learner and will evaluate you from head to toe in each session, because he works with professional athletes his goal is to get you to a place of balance ASAP. Availible Monday-Friday

Emotional support :

Lynn lamberts: emotional support of all kinds. She does emdr, hypnotherapy and is a kind and generous support person. Availible Monday-Friday

Heidi: she has a social work background and has recently completed her ART (Accelerated Resolution therapy) she is also a gifted intuitive so blends multiple perspective beautifully

Nauropath Extraordinaire:

Home Page

My schedule is up for the rest of the year feel free to pre-book for when I get back!



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