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“Mandi is wildly authentic and warmly kind in her practice. Her intuitive touch and technique are powerful healing remedies that have supported my own healing in many ways. Thank you for all of the work you do Mandi!”.

Nattalia Walkker

What Sets Me Apart

I take the time to evaluate all layers of you  to determine the best entry point for success. Whats showing up in the Physical, How is your energy, what's going on for you emotionally, Are you breathing Is there chronic pain? where are you focusing right now what have you tried?   I seek to create a collaboration and create a team approach to your wellness. I specialize in stubborn and challenging cases:

  • Start with the body.
  • Move into the nervous system.
  • Work with the subtle body, emotions and energy.

How We Compare

Tools for empowerment
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Team Approch

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My Services

Range from  traditional body work to Ayurveda, Thai, to Yoga Therapy, Energy Work and Shamanism.

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I share tools that address the Body, Energy, Emotions, Brain and Soul

From lifestyle modifications, supplients diet, breath work, yoga, and richual work

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I was once asked what my super power was…my answer…CURIOSITY

-Mandi Mack

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