Giving Back

Giving is a big part of community and happens  in a few ways:

  1. Wild Womens group  is FREE by donation. It is an offering from from my heart to my fellow Wild Women. This circle was such a powerful part of my evolution I feel called to offer for free . Part of my intention is that I am conscious of wanting to remove money as a barrier to attendance, and the other that had it not bee a free resource for me I would have missed out on an incredible opportunity. Having said that,  it does cost to bring and create supplies, so I came up with the concept of ‘Free by donation’.  This means it is free to all, and if you feel called to donate, any the money will be used for supplies and the rest donated to a local charity that we vote on! Suggested donation of $10-$20
  2.  I love helping people and am super happy to offer Pay-What-You-Can Scholarships to my e-course ‘Loving your depression ‘ to those in need. If you feel like you’d really benefit from the course but don’t have the financial means to pay the full price at this time, please feel free to fill out the scholarship application form below.Please be clear and concise and try to keep your answers to 10 lines or less.  Preference will be given to those who will allow me to share their story (to inspire others).
  3.  Karma points pay it forward. I came up with this idea after reading about people doing random acts of kindness like buying coffee for 5 people in line after them.  There was a coffee shop in Montreal where people could pay it forward and what they would do is pay for a karma cup , that someone if  unable to pay was able to request. If you have benefited from any of my courses or articles and would like to help another human out please do.

4. 1%  will be donated to a Canadian organization yearly (if you know of any please email me the info