Winter 2023 Newsletter: Use up your benefits and exciting announcments! 

 November 30, 2023

By  Mandi

???? Winter 2023! ????️

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Greetings, wonderful people! As we step into the enchanting winter season, I trust this message finds you in good spirits. I'm eager to hear about the joys and challenges that come with this time of year.

As we plunge into the whirlwind of December, I want to remind you that this month can be hectic and stress-filled. With spaces for massages filling up quickly, now is the time to secure your spot and make the most of your remaining benefits. Treat yourself to a revitalizing massage, ensuring you snatch up one of the limited slots available. Let the soothing touch ease away the holiday tension. Don't miss out on this opportunity to unwind and recharge – book your massage today before spaces vanish!

On a festive note, I wanted to share that in January, I'll be taking a short break once again. If you're feeling inspired to set a New Year self-care resolution, my schedule in February and going forward is ready for your advance bookings. Set your self up for self care for the year ahead.

Wishing you a joyous and restful winter season ahead!

????I'm thrilled to share some delightful updates with you!????

Thank you for everyone who has been on this adventure!

  1. First Publication : My very first guided journal is about to hit the shelves on Amazon!
    Throughout the years, I've recommended various practices, and a select few have proven to withstand the test of time. The countdown to the release and pre-sale is oncheck it out here. What's more, this journal comes with a complimentary online mini-course designed to help you make the most of its offerings!
  1. Online Course In addition to this, I'm delighted to announce the successful completion of my inaugural online course tailored to support massage therapists. If you happen to know any massage therapists facing challenges in building their client list or feeling unprepared for the realities of establishing a thriving practice post-school, this course is tailor-made for them Click HERE 
    (Pre buy and receive a $200 discount: using the code DECEMBERDEAL)
    This course will be launching in Feb and the presale is on now!

????Feel free to spread the word and share the joy????

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This Winters theme is REFLECTION

As we navigate through the festive season and global events, let's take a moment to reflect on our well-being. Consider how you can add a sprinkle of kindness to your life towards yourself. Are you catching enough Zs? A little extra sleep, even just 30 minutes, can be a magical elixir influencing stress, happiness, and overall vitality. If time is a scarce commodity or naps aren't your style, delve into the realm of non-sleep deep rest or NSDR also knows as Yoga Nidra,is a type of guided meditation that guides the brain into a dep state of sleep like rest that replenishes the brain. Accessible through apps or online platforms like Insight Timer, or where ever you listen to podcasts, and weave relaxation into the fabric of your busy days.  Click here for a you tube link for a 10 minutes NSDR guided by Dr Andew Huberman,

Lately, I've noticed many of folk dancing on the edge,pushing through, only to be gently nudged to slow down. Having weathered burnout storms in my own life, I recognize this pattern as a cautionary time. It often brings feelings of overwhelm, indecision, or a sea of emotions beneath the surface. If you find yourself in this winter whirlwind, I've included links to somatic tools that can be like festive lights ghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IjLvj7gya8uiding you through. They're also available in person for a bit of co-regulation or a massage to add warmth.

1. Discharging frustration and anger: Wall Push
2. Calming the nervous system to support sleepFace Hold



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