Vedic Smudge

Simplifying Ceremony and Ritual.

Simplifying Ceremony and Ritual.

These delicious smudge sprays are a combination of traditional ceremonial herbs in the form of essential oils, married with the brilliance of Ayurvedic balancing.

They each start with a base that combines traditional herbs used by native, indigenous and other ancient cultures to cleanse and clear. And then broken down into 3 formulas, that not only cleanse and clear but also balance each of the three doshas.

Each spray is cleaning and balancing.

Vata: Grounding + Calming,

Pita: Soothing + Cooling

Kapha: Energizing + Uplifting.

Lovingly crafted on the new moon, with loving healing intentionality and rocky mountain spring water.  And can be used daily or during a ceremony. They smell amazing and can be used as a room spray or on your body.  All organic, all vegan and all lovingly created in small batches.

2% of all sales will be donated to the Aboriginal Friendship Centre in Calgary.

Created on the traditional territories of the people of the Treaty 7.

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