I’m Back 

 May 11, 2017

By  Mandi

Happy Spring


Its a been a bit of time since I’ve been back, and to be honest I’ve been avoiding technology a bit.

It was an incredible exploration of self, I was able to step into a new world of spirituality, rest and restore and more importantly slow down. And with that slowing down I realized being connected all the time just wasn’t as fun as I once thought it was .  Here are a few beautiful photos from my journey.
                        Day 1 : Me on the balcony of my $25 a night villa  Toko Toko
                             Nadi’s herbals: herbal walk and class
                                                           Yin Yoga @Intuitive flow
                                 I’ve got hundreds of plant photos… the natural beauty was breath taking
                    This sign it says MANDI which I found out means shower or bath , which the locals find hilarious
                                                                This is the entrance to a sacred water temple

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Mandi Mack

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