Food Meditation Guide- Eating for Intuition 

 October 7, 2019

By  Mandi Mack

Food Meditation Guide-Eating for Intuition


Consider how you can use eating as a new tool for connecting to your intuition. Consider that your body’s cravings are a message for you to be interpreted.  Give yourself permission to imagine what it might look like to ‘give in’ to cravings and explore them in a conscious and connected way such as a food meditation.We all have some awareness of our experience. We all have intuition. Each of us has a “gut feeling” about what is best for us, such as our frequent food cravings. 

Science has recently discovered that certain flavours activate areas of our brain and can influence our mood. For example, if your body is craving chocolate, what might it be asking of you?

Could it be for more sweetness in your life? More nourishing fats or magnesium?  That it needs the comfort of something familiar? If this is the case try a food meditation to allow the mind to explore and then let the body experience. Try the craving out and witness how it impacts your energy, your mood and your whole being.


I recommend a food meditation:


Choose your food, take a moment to thank it.

Start with a scan of your body and consider what you notice.  Then take your piece of chocolate, or whatever it may be, and choose to experience it through all your senses.


  • Eyes: observe, notice colour, shape etc
  • Nose: smell your food notice how your body reacts
  • Touch: become familiar with the texture
  • Ears: does it make a sound when you chew it?
  • Mouth: what does it taste like, or feel like and where do you notice the taste on your tongue?


Notice any sensations in your body as you experience this food. Check in with your craving: is it still there? If so repeat until you feel complete.




Mandi Mack

Mandi is an RMT with 20 years of experience specializing in complex cases. Using a unique blend of Eastern therapies including Ayurveda, Traditional Thai, and Yoga Therapy. She combines these with a trauma-sensitive approach blending nervous system regulation tools into every session.

She catalyzes change at the intersection of trauma somatic, eastern, ritual, and western medicine by working in groups and one-on-one with people to regulate their nervous systems and find their personal truth. The scope of my practice bridges body, energy, mind, emotions, and soul work.

Senior RMT, Somatic Informed Trauma Therapist, Yoga Therapist, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner, Thai Therapist, Coach, Mentor, and Guide

In addition, she is a passionate Mutlipotentialite, Entrepreneur, Curious Rebel, Spiritual Adventurer, Transformation Leader, Shamanic practitioner, and the creator of Vedic Smudge.

Her mission is to inspire curiosity in the world. Through embodied experimental exploration with a focus on the ceremony, ritual, indigenous practices, alternative healing /health, massage, yoga, spirituality, meditation, and mystic and esoteric explorations. She also teaches and hosts retreats, and more.

Mandi Mack

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