Are You Ready to Turn Your Struggling Massage Practice Into a Success?

Transform Your Massage Therapy Career: Unlock Prosperity, Client Loyalty, and a Thriving Practice in Just 3 months!"

Program: Online Weekly Lessons

School teaches us what to do but not how to how to be successful

Are you tired of struggling to build a successful client base? Do you want to build loyal clients that referal all their friends and family to you?

Our course can help!

Here are some common challenges that Massage Therapist face:

Limited Progress

Have you been working hard to build a practice? have you been struggling to keep your books full ?

We will  teach you

-How to retain clients.

-How to build community and

- How to encourage refferals

Lack of Motivation

Are you finding it difficult to move forward? Feel like your in a slump? and have no excitiment for what you need to do?

 This course has short video lessons with easy to impliment actions steps. To kickstart your motivation and keep your momentum going.

Lack of Clarity

Do you feel uncertain about what steps to take to take to create a full practice and wait list?  Are you at a loss as to what to do next?

Our Course will provide clarity and guidance on the best actionable steps to take o help you achieve a thriving practice!

Limited Resources

Are you struggling with limited resources, such as time, money, or knowledge?


Our lessons are quick and to the point, to make the best use of your time. Our goal is to help you impliment quicky without needing to spend more, or hire a tech person.

I wanted to make a course that pulled together, my framework of success. That included the most simple steps and systems to build the strongest client relationships in a short period of time . By offering a foundation of trauma informed practices, and profoud tools that keep clients coming back for more.

Mandi Mack

/ RMT/ Teacher



Your space and energy is so wonderful, I knew there was a reason I had chosen this moment and time and I'm so glad I did.

So thank you for creating a space where I was able to realize what I need to continue my journey.

I appreciate you and what you've brought forward in me. 

Cant wait for the next one! Hopefully a little less emotional at that time :) 

Kristine - Client


 I’ve been stuck and feeling blah lately. 

Sometimes we help others and inspire people without knowing how much we touched their lives. 

But if I could share with you how you created a spark and moment to see clearly, you did that for me today and I am grateful.

Thank you for being a beacon, much love 

Johanna - Client

Massage Therapist 

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

You will recive access to a four week course that  takes you through short succinct lessons that you can easily impliment . You will gain immeditate acceess to the course with each chapter unlocking weekly as you move forward. By the end of this course you will have multiple high impact skills and tools to impliment to build the practice of your dreams!!


We teach you the ins and outs of how to get your clients so excited about you that they refer their friends, family, and even complete strangers.

Don't like social media?

What if you could create a thriving practice based on word of mouth practice with little to no use of social media?  

Scripts and templates

Easy to use templates and scripts make intigrating new tools and skillls a breeze! 

Join us today!

Who is this for?

Who is this for?

Are you a Massage Therapist/Practitioner ?

  • Do you work with clients in-person? 
  • Do you love what you do ? 
  • Do you wonder why they are not rebooking?
  • Do you want  a full practice but dont know how? 
  • Do you want a waitlist of clients excited to work with you? 

"The world is desperate for support. Healers deserve to have success that allows them to share their gifts and thrive in the world.

Here is what’s in the Program

4 lessons per month

Refferals: Your Super Power

by Mandi Mack

Module 1: Welcome/ Introduction

The why, the how, and the goal.

Module 2: Why Clients Are Not Coming Back

There are 3 main complaints that are the difference between a client staying or never coming back.

Module 3: Common Mistakes

When running a practice there are 4 easy to impliment tools that keep clients connecected, loyal and excited to be your referal machines.

Module 4: Feedback Is Your New Bestie

If I could teach you only 1 skill to get ther biggest return on your time and effort . This would be it.

Meet  Mandi

Mandi Mack is a RMT with 20 years of successful practice. Dedicated to learnign asn growth she bringds a broad scope of practice to the table. She specializes in complex cases, blending many differents approches ranging from somatics and nervous system, Ayurveda, Thai, working with fascial body, concussions, physical , mental and emotinal trauma.

She brings a deep curiosity and excitment to her teachings. Along with an experimental mindset, that have her teaching from direct experince both failures and wins.

  Along side her personal practice, she is a teacher with mandorla yoga school, she mentors massage, energy and body work practitioners and hosts retreats.

You can follow me on: 

Turn Your Struggling Business Into A Refferal Empire

Program Details

  • Length: 12 Weeks
  • Program : Online Weekly