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Summer Fun!!

  Summer Offerings  I’ve got some really fun offerings coming up this year so wanted to take the time to share some exciting upcoming events and projects I’m a part of : My baby, and an event that has been ssoooo much fun to create : The most incredible 3 day Womens retreat in Field BC: […]

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I’m Back

Happy Spring   Its a been a bit of time since I’ve been back, and to be honest I’ve been avoiding technology a bit. It was an incredible exploration of self, I was able to step into a new world of spirituality, rest and restore and more importantly slow down. And with that slowing down I […]

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Leaving on a Jet Plane

I’m so excited and a bit nervous to be sharing this…  I AM TAKING 2 WHOLE MONTHS OFF! It started a few years ago when I realized I needed time to re-set.  I discovered my working style is that of a sprinter,  intense fully focused bursts. And when you continue to sprint your way through […]

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